LOGIFORM Pipe and Joint system

LOGIFORM is a versatile modular tube connection system consisting of steel tubes, roller tracks , easy to assemble steel joints and a wide range of parts and accessories.

The system is designed for a variety of applications, including assembly lines, production and packing stations, storage and transport solutions.

Other applications include exhibition stands, commercial, educational and institutional displays and settings.

Pipe and Joint System Advantages

  • Quick to implement
  • Easy to use
  • Designed and purpose built to meet exact operational requirements
  • Enhanced design can improve the ergonomics of an operation
  • Assistance in efficient production methods
  • Easy to modify as products and processes develop within the company
  • Reusable when a project is complete
  • Solutions can be designed and built in-house
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Numerous colours are available to aid colour coding and improve aesthetics
  • Stainless steel tube ESD (Inherently conductive)
  • ESD plastic coated tube is available
  • A cost-effective solution
  • Various pieces of equipment can be made from stock material avoiding the need for order processing for each individual item required
  • The Pipe and Joint System can be fully integrated into continuous improvement programmes providing hardware to meet company goals
  • The pipe and joint system can be used as part of the company’s lean implementation and continuous improvement plan

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U shaped cell production area
Packing station with mobile roll transporter
Aircraft skin transporter
Flow rack with a tilted front row for visibility and ease of picking
Flow racks with a flat one piece lane are ideal for the delivery of full boxes
Flow rack with an offset structure to aid picking

Flow Racks

Flow racks can deliver boxes and containers to an operator at an ergonomic handling position make it possible to achieve cost saving in the modern order picking process due to the efficiency of order processing.

Within the assembly process the flow rack is a highly efficient piece of equipment, delivering parts to the operator on a JIT (just in time) basis whatever the application.

The flow rack is a key piece of equipment within any process. Besides being purpose built to suit current demands due to the use of the pipe and joint system it can be easily adapt to meet future needs.

Flow rack design options

Flow racks are ideal for the distribution of full boxes or containers to the work area if space can be made available.

The first row of boxes or containers in a lane on a flow rack can be tilted towards the operator as this gives good visibility and ease of picking individual items from the box or container that has been delivered.

Flow racks with an offset structure allow easy of picking loose items. This structure can be used when picking parts of various sizes and weights, positioning the heavy larger parts to the bottom or centre of the structure.

Guidelines for use of plastic boxes, plastic containers and cardboard boxes on flow racks

  • Maximum size approx. 600mm × 800mm (breadth x length)
  • Minimum size approx. 100mm × 150mm (breadth x length)
  • Maximum weight: approx. 25kg
  • Minimum weight: approx. 1kg
  • Shape: Flat, stable bottom (no ribs)
  • Shape: Retains shape (no protrusions or damp cartons)


Pipejointsystem UK offer a complete range of workstations to meet customer needs using the LOGIFORM system.

These workstations are purpose built for the work to be conducted at the line. A range of coloured tubes are available so that dedicated areas can be colour coded for specific projects. The coloured tube can also be selected to comply with company or department colours or for heavy and light weight structures.

A wide range of accessories are available when constructing a workstation that allows 5S to be applied at all stages of construction. Accessories such as information sheet holders, label holders, tool storage units, storage bins, hooks and special table tops.

A full range of ESD products are available for the construction of workstations to prevent damage to electronic components due to static buildup.

After our introductory training, practically any workstation or production cell can be tailor-made by your in-house team.


  • Workstations for product assembly
  • Packing and unpacking workstations
  • U shaped cell production areas
  • Interchangeable workstations (modular construction)
  • Improved ergonomics of a working area and minimum usage of floor space

Mobile Workstations

All workstations can be made mobile and modular by fitting wheels. The advantages of this are as follows:

  • Cleaning under the workstations can be done quickly and efficiently
  • Working areas can be easily changed as processing requirements change
  • Standard modules can be added or taken away depending on the work to be conducted at the workstation
Custom built workstation example
Custom built workstation example
Custom built workstation example
Carts and trolleys can be developed to handle all sizes of boxes, containers and parts
ESD transport trolley
Standard workshop trolley

Trolleys, Carts and Trucks

The LOGIFORM pipe and joint system is ideal for the manufacture of purpose built carts and trolleys that allows you to quickly and efficiently deliver goods to and from your production areas.

The use of such equipment helps eliminate or reduce the number of dangerous forklift trucks required in your plant. These forklift trucks can bring in contamination to you working area, are costly to service, operate and maintain.

Savings and improvements can be achieved by integrating lightweight material handling carts and trolleys into your working environment as part of your lean manufacturing strategy.

Material handling carts made from the LOGIFORM pipe and joint system can be designed to be manually pushed or towed based on requirements.


The adaptable and robust nature of the product allows you build a wide variety of custom designed carts and trolleys for a diverse range of applications whether it be for an industrial site, manufacturing plant, office, retail, logistic site or another application.

The trolley or cart can be easily fitted with roller tracks and other accessories to best suit its purpose. With the wide range of parts available your cart, truck or trolley can be constructed for almost any use.

  • Utility cart
  • Transport trolley
  • Picking trolley
  • Handcart
  • Packing cart

Display Boards, Infostations, Whiteboards and 5S Boards

Visual display is one of the best methods to controlling and presenting information to your team.

Using the LOGIFORM pipe and joint system along the knowledge of the PipeJointSystem UK Ltd team, results and improvements in production control and order processing can quickly be obtained. Also 5s can be implemented with ease (everything has a place and a place for everything.)


  • 5S shadow boards
  • Tools holder boards
  • Presentation boards
  • Displays
  • Brochure holders
Standard magnetic information board
5S cleaning stand
Example of a clothing exhibition stand

Exhibition Stands

Propose built stands to meet your presentation requirements. Pleasing the eye in stainless steel and original design.